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MobilePBX is a market-leading switchboard solution for hosted virtual PBX services. MobilePBX delivers all the functionality required of a feature rich switchboard. It enables easy call handling and call transfer on the company main number(s), to the employees desk or mobile phones. The switchboard has integrated phone line, mobile and calendard presence enabling the switchboard operator to see if the individual employee is available before transferring the call. 


Why MobilePBX?

Both practical experience and formal studies gained from within the Scandinavia and Northern Europe markets have clearly shown that presence information derived from a combination of fixed line together with mobile phone call status and personnel calendar status are important for the switchboard operator.


In fact studies indicate that approx 30% of all business customers, both SME and Corporate enterprises, choose not to select a hosted telephony solution simply because of the lack of features provided by the switchboard attendants console.


‘First Call Connect’ and 'First Call Resolution' are today important indicators that businesses use to assess their performance with regard to customer service. With phone line status (fixed/IP and mobile) the switchboard operator is able to assure 'First Call Connect' which in turn provides much improved 'First Call Resolution' and therefore optimum customer service.


Many Network Operators and service providers have in the past failed to identify that the switchboard is a critically important feature for the customer, and have therefore also failed to identify the importance of the switchboard operator and the role they play in the business accepting potential changes to the overall phone system.


Because of the enriched calling number information, together with integrated presence overview ease of use, and many other advanced switchboard features such as, easy e-mail and SMS messaging, employee notes, and company phone book search, BluePosition’s MobilePBX has proved itself to be very popular with all the switchboard operators who are using the solution.


MobilePBX switchboard is beeing sold by or in partnership with several Telco’s/MNO in the Nordics, including Telenor, TDC, Telia, Vodafone and others.