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Microsoft CS “14” / Lync Server

In 2010 BluePosition has been selected by Microsoft to participate in Microsoft’s Office Communications Server - Technical Advanced Program.  OCS-TAP ensures that BluePosition has access to development support, for the new upcoming versions of Microsoft Communications Server and Communicator now branded Lync by Microsoft. 


BluePosition have planned and are developing the following products and solutions for Lync Server and Communicator:


  • MobileStatus for Lync Server
  • SMS for Lync 2010
  • BusyLamp for Lync 2010


MOBILESTATUS for Lync Server

With MOBILESTATUS the user of Lync 2010, Outlook, SharePoint or any other application taking advantage of the presence information from Lync Server, can instantly see a person they would like to have contact with is available or engaged on his/her mobile phone/handset, and thereby select the best way to contact the person in question.


Because MOBILESTATUS collects the presence/line status directly from the mobile network the solution works with all mobile phones/handsets irrespectively of brand or model.


With MOBILESTATUS there is no requirement for any application to be installed on the mobile phone/handset, thus allowing the Enterprise to utilize existing handsets or select a mix of handsets for different groups of employees.


With MOBILESTATUS there is no requirement for the phone/handset to communicate its own presence state back to the Lync server, thus the solution always reports correct status even if the user is outside of 3G coverage.


With MOBILESTATUS the user can easily see if the person in question is available, busy or if the phone/handset has been turned off,  MOBILESTATUS clearly displays this in the ‘presence text’ in Lync 2010, i.e. ‘Mobile Phone Busy’, or ‘Mobile Phone off’.


The MOBILESTATUS/CS14 is an updated version of BluePosition’s existing product for OCS 2007r2. The  existing MOBILESTATUS product is current deployed commercially with 9 mobile network operators in Denmark, Norway, Faroe Island and is also planned to be available in Benelux, UK and Sweden during 2011.


Download product presentation

Download mobile network operator presentation

Download preliminary datasheet

Link to Telenor Group press release

Microsoft partner solution brief


SMS for Lync

SMS text messaging is just another way of communicating. 

Because SMS text messaging in Europe is seen as just another way of communication, and SMS is perceived to be as instant as Instant Messaging, the logical application to edit and send SMS text messages is Lync 2010. With ‘SMS for Lync’ the user can construct and send SMS text messages like any other IM message.


As with any IM conversation the contacts can easily be added or deleted from the conversation.


‘SMS for Lync’ can send multiple (truncated) SMS text messages to one or more recipients, as well as sending a copy of the SMS to the senders own mobile phone/handset.


‘SMS for Lync’ sends SMS text messages with the user/senders own mobile phone number, thus allowing messages to be sent without signature and conversations can continue when the sender only has a mobile phone/handset available 


Download product presentation

Download preliminary datasheet

Microsoft partner solution brief



BusyLamp for Lync

Presence is a key component of Unified Communications

In Unified Communications Presence (status) is a key element across the different forms of communication and users quickly become accustomed to using the Presence information before contacting a colleague.

However when walking into an office or open office space and trying to initiate a person to person conversation with a colleague it can be very difficult to check the status of the person before initiating a conversation.


‘BusyLamp for Lync’ solves this challenge by clearly indicating the employee’s presence state. The Lync presence state is replicated by the USB connected BusyLamp. The colored LED’s are clearly visible from a distance of 5 – 15 meters.


‘BusyLamp for Lync’ also solves the problem of unintended disturbance during a telephone conversation, as the BusyLamp clearly indicates that the user is busy and engaged in a telephone conversation.


Download product presentation

Download preliminary datasheet